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Sept. 16, 2020 Awareness Self-Improvement

Do Your Future Self a Favor with Ryan Stanley

In episode 20, Do Your Future Self a Favor, Elaina is joined by entrepreneur, certified professional coach, and author Ryan Stanl…

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Feel the Feels with Connie Anne Holman

In episode 16, Feel the Feels with Connie Anne Holman, Elaina is joined by a licensed therapist and life coach, Connie Anne Holma…

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Bonus Episode | Hope Warrior Project

Bonus Episode, Hope Warrior Project, Elaina interviews Stephanie Martino and Lydia Zuniga, the women behind the Hope Warrior Proj…

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What's Stopping You?

In episode 13, What's Stopping You? Elaina and Tracy shared what they would do if money weren't a factor and how creating and imp…

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